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CTC HOLDINGS sells its products on ex works Riga basis. 

Customers should arrange delivery of the goods themselves. Customers and freight forwarders nominated by the customers are responsible for safety of the shipment and delivery on time.

Risk of loss or damage of the goods, as well as any additional costs caused by events occurring after the goods have been collected by the carrier, are transferred to the buyer of the goods.

Arising from the general conditions of carriage, all claims in case of damage or loss during transit of goods can be accepted by the carrier only if the carrier is notified about them in writing within three days of receipt of goods. 

CTC HOLDINGS responsibility is limited only to packaging of the goods as appropriate for international shipment and loading of the transport vehicle.

Packaging cost also includes loading cost.

Making of the export documents, customs formalities and loading of goods take 1-2 working days. Export documents, certificate of origin and other customs formalities represent an extra cost.

CTC HOLDINGS sales managers will be glad to offer you advice concerning all shipping matters. They can recommend reliable  freight forwarders with competitive rates to help you decide about the most convenient way of delivery.