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Since 1991

To ensure your request for proposal (RFP) is complete please refer to the following check list below.

- Base model (TL, TLR and S).
- With or without foot rest.
- Base and foot rest finish: chrome or light gold.
- Seat model.
- Back rest model.
- Standard heights: TL and TLR without foot rest h=480-550 mm,
with foot rest h=550-750 mm and with adjustable height mechanism h=650-750 mm.
S with/without footrest h=480-580 mm.

Other heights are available only upon special request.

- PVC edge type and color.
- Self return swivel mechanism (fitted as standard for S type of bases).
- Lift-up self return swivel mechanism.
- Logo.
- Upholstery material.

Used codes: TL, TLR and S - types of bases; S3A, S5, S9A - types of seats; B2, B3, B3J, B7, B8A, B10 and B12 - types of backrests; SB1, SB4A SB5A - types of seats combined with backrests; L - lift-up self return swivel mechanism. R - roller wheels. S - bottom plate.

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