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Since 1991

Limited Warranty


1. CTC HOLDINGS gives guaranty that there will be no defects in its products related to quality of materials or manufacturing during 12 months after the shipment date.
In some cases limited warranty term may be extended to 24 months. CTC holdings must notify the customer about this decision in writing.    
2. Products are manufactured in accordance with CTC HOLDINGS technical regulations and correspond to general requirements of the gaming industry. 
3. The warranty is valid only in case, when all rules of installation and use of product are strictly followed and all products are used for direct purpose in accordance with its technical characteristics. 
4. To insure that rules of installation are properly followed CTC HOLDINGS can provide its technicians to install such products as roulette wheels, gaming tables and winning number displays. The ordering customer must cover all travelling expenses of CTC HOLDINGS technicians (tickets and accommodation). 
5. If the rules of installation or use are not properly followed, as well as unauthorized repair or modification of product occurs, warranty will become void. 

6. CTC HOLDINGS responsibility.

6.1. CTC HOLDINGS is not responsible for direct or indirect material loss, which is related to defect of its products. 
6.2. CTC HOLDINGS responsibility is limited to obligations to renew operational capability of its products. 
6.3. The operational capability of the product is renewable by repair. 
6.4. In case, when repair is not possible, defected product will be replaced by a new CTC HOLDINGS product with the same specifications and characteristics. 

7. Accomplishment of warranty obligations. 

7.1. All claims regarding quality of CTC HOLDINGS products are accepted only in written form with notice of matter of claim, reference to invoice number or contract, last name and signature of person in charge and date. 
7.2. CTC HOLDINGS must review the claim and reply in 5 (five) working days after receipt of the claim. 
7.3. Repair or replacement of the defected product must be affected in 30 (thirty) calendar days after acceptance by CTC HOLDINGS of validity of the claim and delivery of the defected product to CTC HOLDINGS factory for repair. 
7.4. Repair of all defected products is done at CTC HOLDINGS factory (1 Starta Str., LV-1026, Riga, Latvia). 
7.5. In special cases, only by mutual agreement between CTC HOLDINGS and the Customer, repair can be performed by CTC HOLDINGS technicians at location of the defected product. 

8. Order of payment. 

8.1. Costs of warranty repair or replacement of defected products are covered by CTC HOLDINGS. 
8.2. Customer covers all transport charges, travelling costs and other possible direct expenses related to delivery of the defected product to CTC HOLDINGS factory in Riga or to the trips of CTC HOLDINGS technicians to repair the product at spot. 

9. Extent of CTC HOLDINGS liability. 

9.1. CTC Holdings does not give any direct or devised guaranty for its products of commercial value or applicability for specific purpose which is not clearly stipulated by CTC HOLDINGS technical regulations. 
9.2. Compensation that is defined by the present Warranty is the only and singular compensation that is given to the Customer. 
9.3. CTC Holdings never carries automatic responsibility for any direct, indirect, specific, accidental or following loses, which are as result of contract, in civil or other legal relationship, not depending on the fact whether one was warned about possibility of this kind of loses. 
9.4. CTC HOLDINGS has no liability for any advice, opinion or information provided by its employees or agents unless given in writing and signed by an authorized representative of CTC HOLDING.