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  1. Bell (brass). Item No. TBJ-9014
  2. Cutting cards. item No. TBJ-820002
  3. Hand-held counter. Item No. TBJ-9015 
  4. Note pusher (acrylic). Item No. TBJ-9060

  5. Ashtray (stainless steel). Item No. TBJ-901002-01 
  6. Ashtray (brass). Item No. TBJ-901002 
  7. Drink holder (brass). Item No. TBJ-901001
  8. Drink holder (stainless steel). Item No. TBJ-901001-01

  9. Cash box (metal). Item No. TBJ-9040
10. Tip box (metal). Item No. TBJ-9020

  1. 1 deck Black jack/Poker shoe (black acrylic). Item No. TBJ-9095
  2. 6 deck Black Jack shoe (black acrylic). Item No. TBJ-9093
  3. Punto Banco/Baccarat shoe (mahogany). Item No. TBJ-9097
  4. 2 deck discard holder (brass). Item No. TBJ-820001-01 
  5. 2 deck discard holder (stainless steel). Item No. TBJ-820001
  6. 6 deck discard holder (brass) with plastic lockable cover. Item No. TBJ-8202
  7. 6 deck discard holder (stainless steel) with plastic lockable cover.   Item No. TBJ-8202-01
  8. Metal float tray (chrome finish). Item No. TBJ-9070-01
  9. Metal float tray (gold finish). Item No. TBJ-9070
 10. Wooden float tray.


1. Table sign on plastic base. Item No. TAR-9001
2. Table sign on plastic base. Item No. TAR-9001-B
3. Table sign on plastic base. Item No. TAR-9001-C
4. Table sign on plastic base. Item No. TAR-9001-D
5. Table sign on wooden base. Item No. TAR-9002
6. Multimedia table sign (Multimedia table sign can not only show traditional information about table minimums and maximums, gaming rules and payouts, but it can also display animated flash presentations)