Standard manufacturing time for CTC HOLDINGS products is the following:

  1. For gaming chairs 4-6 weeks (for up to 300 chairs).
  2. For gaming tables 4-8 weeks (for up to 20 tables).
  3. For roulette wheels 4-6 weeks (for up to 5 wheels).
  4. For winning number displays 4-6 weeks (for up to 10 displays).
  5. For gaming table layouts 1 week for existing designs and 1-2 weeks for the new ones (for up to 50 layouts). 
  6. For playing cards with logo 5-6 weeks (for up to 10 000 decks).
  7. For gaming chips 6-7 weeks (for up to 10 000 chips).

Manufacturing time is calculated only from the date when the order is launched in production.

The order will be launched in production only when CTC HOLDINGS receives fully approved order specification and down payment.

If the customer delays approval of order specification and/or making of down payment for more than 10 calendar days after the date of the offer CTC HOLDINGS reserves the right to change manufacturing time, as circumstances dictate.

CTC HOLDINGS reserves the right to increase manufacturing time in case of exceptionally big orders or orders for custom designed products.

CTC HOLDINGS may increase current manufacturing time depending on current work load or seasonal holidays.